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Welcome to the Shop Londons blog.  Before we start bringing you information about the great fragrances and luxurious bath products we have, we thought it would only be appropriate to introduce ourselves.

Our co-founders Mitch Diehl and Ed Williams recognized that fragrance unlocks memories and open doors to the past.  (We can’t argue with this, either.  It’s a proven scientific fact that smell is the sense most closely related to memory.) One of these memorable fragrances was Carnation by Roger & Gallet, Paris. This fragrance reminded Mitch of his grandmother.  Ed, on the other hand was reminded of his grandfather’s fragrant shaving cream and his straight razor.  They had a hunch that other people might be seeking some fragrances to remind them of their past, too.

Respecting the history and tradition of the great European perfume houses and English barbers, Mitch and Ed set out to find the most luxurious fragrances for bath, body and hair care products, men’s grooming products, and home fragrances.  You’ll find all of that here!

When you buy any of the great products from LONDONS Bathecary (our creative combination of bath and apothecary!), you can expect the highest quality products to help you remember the best times of your life.


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