Freshen Up After a Treadmill Workout

You can take your workout inside with a treadmill

With spring on the way, many of us are beginning to exercise and get fit.  After a workout, you might not always feel your freshest.  You can solve that problem easily with Lightfoot’s Pure Pine athletic soap.  This luxurious soap was once only available in private clubs—but you can get it right here at LONDONS Bathecary.  The pine scent offers an aromatic freshness that’s second to none.  It’s the ideal skin freshener after any sort of athletic activity—like the treadmill!

Treadmill Workout Tips

Treadmills are excellent workout tools.  They can be used for cardio workouts—from walking 3 miles to training for a marathon!  You can control pace and incline, thus providing you with a more targeted workout routine.

If you’re beginning a walking routine, set your treadmill to a comfortable pace, likely between 2 and 4 mph.  Consider this walking workout:  Salk for 1 minute at an easy pace, walk 2 more minutes at a more challenging pace and incline.  Repeat the pattern for your desired workout duration.

If you’re a runner, a treadmill can provide you with a different experience than running outdoors.  To work on speed, run at an easy pace for 10 minutes, then speed up to a pace that is 20 seconds faster than your best 5K time.  Do this for 3 minutes.  Repeat the sequence three times.  Then relax for 5 minutes with easy jogging.

When you’re finished working out, be sure to freshen up with Lightfoot’s Pure Pine athletic soap. You’ll feel great from the inside out!


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