Choosing a Wedding Day Fragrance

Choose the right fragrance for your wedding day

If you’re getting married this spring, there are so many things you need to consider.  After all, you’ve likely spent months planning your special day.  You have to choose the dress, the flowers, your hairstyle—not to mention your fiancé!  Many women forget about the fragrance they’re going to wear on their big day.  Don’t wear your regular perfume on your wedding day.  Select something that captures the romance, excitement, and happiness of your wedding day.  There’s no better way to feel special than by adding some variety to your fragrance.

Tips for finding a wedding perfume

  • Make a list of all the perfumes that you currently wear, and how you feel when you wear each one.  Your list might include terms like “beautiful,” “flirty,” or “confident.”
  • Make another list.  This next list will illustrate how you want to feel on your wedding day.
  • Then take the time to compare the two lists.  Do some of the perfumes that you already wear make you feel the way you want to feel on your wedding day?  If so, make a short list of those perfumes.
  • It’s best to sit down with a friend and talk about wedding plans.  We have a variety of fragrances here at LONDONS Bathecary that you can choose from.  Whether you’re looking for a rich scent or a light floral, you’re sure to find it here.  Have your friend help you narrow down the list.

Once you’ve found your perfect wedding perfume, you’ll love wearing it again on special occasions.  It will always bring back memories of that wonderful day!


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