Kent Combs for Healthy Hair

Get youthful healthy hair with Kent combs

Why are Kent combs and hairbrushes the best? There are so many reasons! Kent’s handmade combs are saw cut and then hand polished and buffed in an effort to create soft rounded teeth. These rounded teeth won’t damage your hair or your scalp. If you’ve ever had damaged hair or scalp, you know that it’s not comfortable or attractive. You can stop the damage cycle now with Kent combs.

What are they made of? Kent’s handmade combs are made from cellulose acetate—which is a non-petroleum based plastic derived from plants. It’s actually been found to create less static in the hair. Additionally, the smooth teeth stimulate the natural oils to create strong, healthy, and shiny hair.

Are you convinced, yet?

Other combs are known as “injection molded combs.” They have razor sharp teeth that can damage the hair cuticle and cause those dreaded split ends. They also feature tiny ridges known as “mold marks”—these can scratch and snag your hair and cause breakage and cuticle damage.

Prevent hair damage with Kent handmade combs from LONDONS Bathecary. G B Kent & Sons Ltd has been manufacturing brushes since 1777. They hold a well-regarded place in the history of brush making. They’ve been granted Royal Warrants for nine reigns.
Can your comb do that?


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