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Appreciate the finer things of British culture

We’re glad you enjoy our fine British fragrances here at LONDONS Bathecary. We suggest you take the full experience and immerse yourself in British culture! It’s quite interesting and (who knows?) you might end up taking a wonderful trip to England at some point. Here’s a quick look at some British customs that you can incorporate into your own life.

The British have been known for many different food customs—from tea time to English breakfast. Some of these customs are connected with different ethnic groups, religious influences, and other regional or family traditions. With every new group of people that the British encountered, foods and customs were added and altered.


Pies are a large part of the traditional British menu. They can be filled with many different things. Pies tend to be classified into categories: savory (meats) or sweet (fruits or nuts).

Tea time

Tea time is actually the last meal of the day. The British have a morning meal called breakfast, a mid-day meal called lunch or dinner, and tea. Tea time usually consists of tea and lighter foods like cakes, sandwiches, toast, cheese, savories, and biscuits.

How do you incorporate British food culture into your life? We enjoy relaxing with a spot of tea in the evenings. It’s just one of the many perks to a life enhanced by LONDONS Bathecary!


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