Fragrance Series: Citrus Scents

A citrus scent will brighten your day

Gone are the days when a woman is expected to have a signature scent. These days, we’re more likely to treat fragrance like an accessory. But did you ever think that having so many choices could lead to some fragrance confusion? To keep you from getting overwhelmed by everything out there, this is the beginning of a series on the different types of fragrances with suggestions for where and when to wear each one.

Today we’re going to start with Citrus Fragrances.

Citrus fragrances are infused with the tangy essence of citrus fruits. That makes these kinds of fragrances extremely lively and energetic. It’s best to enjoy these types of perfumes in the daytime—they’re the perfect thing to wake you up in the morning! (They might even keep you from needing that second cup of coffee.) Where should you wear a citrus perfume? Wear it to brunch with your girlfriends, to a baby shower, or to ride your bicycle down to the market. Anything light, fun, and breezy should work!

We have several citrus fragrances here at LONDONS Bathecary. To name just a few:

What are your favorite citrus fragrances?

Stay tuned for more fragrance updates!


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