Great Skin is Simple with Vitamin E

Bring back the skin of your youth with Vitamin E

Get the most out of each day with Simple Regeneration Age Resisting Vitamin E Serum Pads.  While supplies last, these great age-defying pads are 85% off here at LONDONS Bathecary.  Take your beauty regimen into your own hands with this wonderful product.  These pads are infused with a special blend of Vitamin E and other moisturizing ingredients to help fight the signs of premature aging.  You can use them even if you have sensitive skin.

Benefits of Vitamin E

Natural nutrients can stop the effect of UV sunlight on the skin.  The carotenoids, a group of nutrients including beta-carotene and lycopene, Vitamin C, and Vitman E are extremely beneficial.  The benefits from Vitamin E are among the most dramatic for your skin.

One of the benefits of Vitamn E is that it provides your skin with a chemical known as alpha-tocopherol.  This chemical recharges lycopene and other carotenoids so that they can continue doing their job.  Vitamin E helps these nutrients work longer and better—it’s like an extra enhancement.  You can make your skin look and feel better from the inside out with these excellent Vitamin E serum pads.

More skin benefits

Use the Simple Regeneration pads to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh.  But we have one more simple step to help your skin.  Drink more water.  If you use a moisturizing pad or cream on your face, drinking water increases the receptiveness of skin cells to the active ingredients.


Upscale Fragrances at LONDONS Bathecary

Beauty is a click away at LONDONS Bathecary

Floris London is one of the finest lines we have here at LONDONS Bathecary.  We know you love it, and we’re proud to bring it to you here in the United States!  Floris has been well respected in the fragrance industry for generations, and you can experience that for yourself with any one of our selections here.  Creating beautiful fragrances is a form of art in and of itself, and we respect the people behind Floris London for their creativity.  Their sources of inspiration are many and varied—and that means that you’re sure to find a fragrance that’s perfect for you.  Experience inspiration from both nature and science that’s sure to please your senses, elevate your mood, evoke memories, and stir emotions.

One of our Facebook fans mentioned that her favorite Floris scent is Cefiro.  We must admit—we love it, too!  It’s a gorgeously subtle scent that is appropriate for day or night, work or play.  It’s suitable for both men and women, so you can all feel fresh and clean.  The top notes of lime, grapefruit, mandarin, and lemon are simply delightful.

To our Facebook fan Susan… Rest assured that you can find your Floris fragrances right here at LONDONS Bathecary.  It’s a brilliantly upscale line, and not too many people can get it.  Take pride in the fact that you have a source for so many exclusive fragrances!


Save Money with LONDONS Bathecary

Christmas and Valentine’s Day are behind us… Mother’s Day is still a little bit away.  We’re somewhere in between holidays, and it’s time to save a little bit of money.  When you choose sale items from LONDONS Bathecary, you can get the luxury items you want at a fraction of the price.  What exactly can you expect from this amazing sale at LONDONS Bathecary?  Here’s the rundown:

Get luxury for a fraction of the price

30% Off these Woods of Windsor items
40% Off these Caswell-Massey items
30% – 40% Off these Penhaligon’s items
50% Off these Crabtree & Evelyn items
30% Off these Asquith & Somerset items
40% Off this FLORIS item

80% Off BSQ
60% Off these SIMPLE items
50% Off Shelley Kyle

Check out or Sale Items page for all the best deals!  Check them out now—these deals are only good while supplies last.

Don’t think this deal can get any better?  You can save an additional $5 on your purchase by using the code “coupon5” at checkout.  All you have to do is spend $35 or more, and you are eligible for the discount.

There’s never been a better value than LONDONS Bathecary… and you can always trust us to offer free shipping on items over $99.


The Benefits of Almond and Aloe for your Skin

Your free gift with $48 purchase!

When you spend $48 at LONDONS Bathecary, you can choose a free gift with your purchase.  One of the wonderful gift selections is the Caswell-Massey Almond & Aloe Hand Cream.  This rich hand cream will leave your hands feeling smooth and supple.  What more could you ask for?  We especially enjoy this hand cream because of the silk protein and almonds.  We were surprised to learn how wonderful almonds can be for your skin.  Here are just a few of the things that we found out:

  • Almonds have a very rich history.  From ancient Greeks to Shakespeare, people have enjoyed the benefits of almonds.
  • Good for all skin types, almonds ease itching, soreness, and dryness.  This is why it’s the ideal addition to the Caswell-Massey hand cream.
  • Any skin care product that contains almond is especially effective at treating dry and sensitive skin.  Your skin will absorb the vitamins and nutrients in the almonds to leave your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized.

We shouldn’t forget the excellent aloe component to this lotion, either!

  • Aloe plants retain more than 95 percent of the water they take in.  It’s stored in the leaves of the plant.
  • Aloe plants can survive in very dry, hot climates—while most other plants can’t.  The moisture-retaining properties of the plant translate very well to skin moisturization!

Take advantage of this great free gift from LONDONS Bathecary.


LONDONS Bathecary on Social Media

If you have a computer, you can find us!

Are you looking for new ways to connect with your favorite fragrances?  Here at LONDONS Bathecary, we like to stay connected with our customers as much as possible.  That’s why we make ourselves available to you in various areas across the internet.  If you’re following us here on our blog, then we thank you!  But there’s more to LONDONS Bathecary than just our website and blog.  If you aren’t familiar with our other outlets, then we thought we’d mention them to you again.

LONDONS Bathecary is on Facebook.  If you’re not already our fan on Facebook, we encourage you to check it out.  We run various contests and giveaways on our Facebook page from time to time.  But the only way to take advantage of these great deals is to head over to the page and become a fan.  Who knows… you could be our next winner!  (There’s nothing better than getting your favorite fragrances at a discount!)

LONDONS Bathecary is also on Twitter.  When you follow us on Twitter, you can be part of the conversation.  We like to inform you of our various sales and discounts… and we’d love to hear about your favorite fragrances on our site.

Check out our social media outlets!  We’ll be looking forward to it.


Cyclax Ltd. London now at LONDONS Bathecary

We love bringing new things to our loyal LONDONS Bathecary customers!  That’s why we’re proud to announce the addition of Cyclax Ltd. London.  These are luxurious face, neck, and body products that you’re sure to enjoy.  (We’d also suggest that the gentlemen in the audience start thinking ahead for Valentine’s Day.  Ladies love getting luxurious bath and body products from the man they adore!)

Give yourself the royal treatment

A Little History of Cyclax

Before we get into the history of the company, we thought we’d give you a little bit of Americana.  On the day of President John F. Kennedy’s Inauguration, his wife Jacqueline received a facial with Cyclax products before she was fitted for her dress.  The lovely Caroline Kennedy was also fond of Cyclax.  You can take a little bit of Camelot home with you when you indulge in these fabulous face, neck, and body products.

The company was established in 1896 by Mrs. Frances Hemming.  In telling fashion, she was a specialist in beauty products for the aristocracy—and we see how that transitioned perfectly to American “royalty,” as well!  Cyclax was granted the Royal Warrant by Queen Elizabeth II in 1961.  Royal Warrants are granted to people or companies that have regularly supplied goods and services to the Royal Family.

Give yourself or someone you love the royal treatment with Cyclax products from LONDONS Bathecary.


LONDONS Bathecary Boxing Day Sale

Grab these items before the New Year!

LONDONS Bathecary is having a Boxing Day Sale until January 1.  If you’re an American, you might not know exactly what Boxing Day is—and that’s no excuse to pass up on such a fabulous sale!  For those of you that might be wondering, we’ve got a bit of information about Boxing Day.

Boxing Day is traditionally celebrated on the day after Christmas.  In the United Kingdom, Boxing Day is a bank holiday—which means that many institutions are closed.  To celebrate this, we have many different English fragrances on sale until January 1.

Nobody is exactly sure where the term “boxing” came from.  There are several theories floating around, and none of them are definite.  The tradition has included giving money and other gifts to those who were needy and in service positions.  The tradition has been dated back to the Middle Ages.  In the UK, it became a custom in the nineteenth-century where Victorians would call tradesmen to collect their Christmas boxes or gifts on the day after Christmas in return for good and reliable service throughout the year.

No matter how Boxing Day came to be, we’re celebrating it here at LONDONS Bathecary with many fragrances at a discount!


Extract of Limes: Warm Up this Winter

Such a bright fragrance!

If you want a light and refreshing fragrance to help you through the cold winter months, then we have the solution for you.  LONDONS Bathecary has many different fragrances from some of the most well respected European fragrance houses.  One of our favorites has to be Penhaligon’s.  Penhaligon’s Extract of Limes is a beautiful and bright fragrance that is sure to warm you up on a cold winter’s day.  This fragrance was originally created in 1963, and it’s been impressing discerning customers ever since.

Dear LONDONS Bathecary,

I tried your Extract of Limes by Penhaligon’s recently, and I couldn’t be happier with it.  I was nervous to try a citrus fragrance at first—I usually wear deeper musk fragrances.  I was pleasantly surprised by this scent!  I was able to pick up the delightful lime and lemon head notes.

Thank you LONDONS Bathecary and Penhaligon’s for bringing this fragrance back!  I have enjoyed all of the scents in the 2009 Anthology Collection, and I intend to give many of them as gifts this holiday season.

Thank you so much!

A Grateful Customer

LONDONS Bathecary is here for all of your fragrance needs!


Floris London: Classic

Right now we’re offering the Edwardian Bouquet Parfum from Floris London for a great introductory price of $49.  Before you buy this fabulous scent, take the time to learn a little bit about Floris London.  After all, they’re a lovely staple here at Londons Bathecary.

A classic fragrance

Floris London was founded by Juan Famenias Floris and his wife Elizabeth.  They began selling perfume, combs, and shaving products in London’s St. James quarter.  In fact, the shop that they opened in 1730 at 89 Jermyn Street is still in business today.

Floris received its first Royal Warrant as Smooth Pointed Comb Maker to His Majesty The King George IV in 1820.  These combs were a speciality of Floris, and they were valued extremely highly by the company’s clientele.

This brand was a favorite of celebrities from the very beginning.  Mary Shelley, famous author of Frankenstein, wrote to her friend Thomas Love Peacock in London and asked him to send her “two hairbrushes and a small toothbrush” from Floris!

Floris celebrated its 280th anniversary this year.  The company is now run by the eighth and ninth generations of the Floris family.  We see a future for this company just as rich as its past!

Try it out for yourself.  Experience the gorgeous Edwardian Bouquet Parfum (a $125 value) for just $49.


Londons Bathecary Mentioned by CeCi New York!

It’s not really like us to brag, but sometimes we just can’t help ourselves.  We love the blog CeciStyle, and we were honored to find that was mentioned in a recent post.  Ceci was musing about how much she loved Paris, and she happened to include one of the great soap sets we have here at Londons Bathecary.

Men and women both love this fragrance

Ceci said, “On my most recent trip to Paris, I made sure to stock up on these Roger & Gallet Lavande Royal Soaps.  I love how they come wrapped in delicate colored tissue.”

From our Twitter account,, we made sure to tell Ceci how much we appreciated her mentioning us on her wonderful blog.  In reply, Ceci said, “I love your selection of wonderful London products. Thanks for making them accessible to us in the US!”

And that’s what we strive to do here at  We want to bring you the finest European fragrances and bath products.  Ceci loved the Lavande Royale scent, and we can’t really blame her.  This gorgeous scent is loved by both men and women—it covers all of the essential fragrance bases.  We suggest you try it for yourself.

We’d also like to remind you about our Facebook contest.  Like us on Facebook and tell us a story about fragrance and a family member.  You could win a $100 gift certificate!