LONDONS Bathecary on Social Media

If you have a computer, you can find us!

Are you looking for new ways to connect with your favorite fragrances?  Here at LONDONS Bathecary, we like to stay connected with our customers as much as possible.  That’s why we make ourselves available to you in various areas across the internet.  If you’re following us here on our blog, then we thank you!  But there’s more to LONDONS Bathecary than just our website and blog.  If you aren’t familiar with our other outlets, then we thought we’d mention them to you again.

LONDONS Bathecary is on Facebook.  If you’re not already our fan on Facebook, we encourage you to check it out.  We run various contests and giveaways on our Facebook page from time to time.  But the only way to take advantage of these great deals is to head over to the page and become a fan.  Who knows… you could be our next winner!  (There’s nothing better than getting your favorite fragrances at a discount!)

LONDONS Bathecary is also on Twitter.  When you follow us on Twitter, you can be part of the conversation.  We like to inform you of our various sales and discounts… and we’d love to hear about your favorite fragrances on our site.

Check out our social media outlets!  We’ll be looking forward to it.