SIMPLE for Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, you may experience some of the following symptoms:

Just like the name, it's SIMPLE to do

  • Some skin care products, household products, and other substances can actually cause burning, stinging, redness, or tightness.
  • Even if you don’t see any irritation, your skin might still feel uncomfortable after using a certain product.

Not sure if you have sensitive skin?  You should have it looked at by a dermatologist.  That’s the most effective way to find out what’s causing your skin any discomfort.  Do you know what causes sensitive skin?

  • Underlying skin disorders or allergic reactions
  • Overly dry or injured skin
  • Excessive exposure to skin-damaging environmental factors

If you have sensitive skin, we have a solution for you here at LONDONS Bathecary.  The bath and body care products from SIMPLE are 100% perfume and color free—so there are no unnecessary additives.  This makes SIMPLE ideal for even the most sensitive skin.  These great products are made in England by experts in sensitive skin.  Whether you are looking for eye cream, cleanser, or shower cream, you’ll find it right here at LONDONS Bathecary.  Take care of that sensitive skin… it’s SIMPLE to do.


Choosing Fragrances for Winter

When you are choosing a fragrance for the winter season, you should think about the kinds of fragrances that will best evoke the best seasonal thoughts.  Fragrances tend to be less intense when the weather is cold or when they are applied to cool skin.  In the winter, you should either wear more perfume (if you’re sticking to the fragrance you use in spring or summer) or use a heavier fragrance that is more appropriate for the season.

Choose the right winter fragrance

  • It is important to note that the fragrances you wear in the winter should be able to penetrate the covered up clothing.  You’ll be wearing heavier clothes during winter, and minimal skin will be exposed.  A good type of fragrance for the winter is something with a musk base note.  The Floris Snow Rose Eau de Toilette spray is an ideal choice.  It’s the perfect blend of floral femininity and rich oriental fragrance.
  • To help your fragrance overcome the clothing barrier, you can apply it to “warm spots.”  This is where blood vessels are most abundant near the skin, so your body is naturally warmer there.  These spots are behind the ear, the underarm, the wrist, the inner part of the elbow, and the collar-bone.
  • Try a few fragrances to see what works for you.  An identical scent will produce a different result on a different individual.

Have a wonderful and fragrant winter season from LONDONS Bathecary!


Jubilee Bouquet by Penhaligon’s London

An enchanting floral chypre.

Jubilee Bouquet

New from the Anthology Collection: Jubilee Bouquet is being reintroduced from Penhaligon’s archives.

Originally created in 1977 in honour of Queen Elizabeth’s Silver Jubilee, Jubilee Bouquet  is a beguiling melody of green lily, jasmine, powder and woods. Laced with persuasive notes of soft iris, violet and amber, Jubilee Bouquet is an enchanting floral chypre.

Penhaligon’s London has been creating fragrances since 1870.

Penhaligon’s prides itself on its individuality. Inspired by the past, stimulated by the present and committed to the future, their products share a timeless elegance which represents a rich history whilst acknowledging a very contemporary taste for exclusive style.

The Anthology Collection includes another new release: Zizonia -  a nomadic and mysterious oriental; an odyssey of burnt spices, patchouli and pepper, leading to a lush oasis of sweet orange, ginger and vetiver.

Other fragrances in the Anthology Collection include:  Orange Blossom, Eau de Cologne, Extract of Limes, Verveine, Gardenia and Night Scented Stock.

View: the Anthology Collection


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